Luke Rees

Luke Rees

Service Excellence & Engagement

About Luke Rees


Luke Rees began his career as a dental assistant before going on to complete his Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Adelaide. After graduating in 2008, Luke worked as an Oral Health Therapist in private dental practice in Adelaide while also working as a university clinical tutor and examiner. Taking a keen interest in marketing, team development and leadership, Luke followed his studies with a role as a practice development consultant. This experience lead him to start his own consulting business working with dentists and allied health practices nationwide to help them improve their patient experience, team and profitability.

Using his private sector knowledge and experience, Luke is dedicated to transforming Primary Dental into a renowned organisation with leading-edge technology. He’s also committed to evolving the patient experience so that it comes to rival any high-end dental practice. Passionate about continuing education in the dental industry, Luke plays an active role in coaching and supporting the development of dental practitioners as they progress in their careers.