Living with Covid: we’ve had to do this many times in the last 2 years.

Part of the ForHealth Group, we embrace a distinct set of values that bring us together as a unique group.

These are known as the “10 things that make us tick”. We imbibe these values in everything we do.

Accessible health at our heart

Accessible health at our heart

We aspire to be Australia’s first choice service provider for healthcare practitioners and their patients. ForHealth Medical and Dental practitioners conduct more than 7 million patient consultations every year.

Accessible health at our heart

Good Dentistry is good business

When Primary Dental practitioners put clinical excellence, autonomy and lifetime care first, we know that everything else will follow.

Accessible health at our heart

We treat patients like family

Every patient could be our mum, dad, partner, sibling or child and we want the patient experience to reflect this; and we will continually strive to improve it.

Accessible health at our heart

Teaming ForHealth

Quality and continuity of care can only be delivered through effective collaboration between independent practitioners and an aligned support team.

Accessible health at our heart

People are our lifeblood

We are part of a team of over 3,500 people with independent doctors, dentists, allied health practitioners and our frontline Medical and Dental Centre workforce at the helm. This community is our lifeblood. 

Accessible health at our heart

We love local

Our local communities are also central to our business. We know that all practices are unique and the best results come when we focus on the needs of the local

Accessible health at our heart

In it together

Internally we are also one family. There is no “us vs them”. Independent practitioners, medical centre colleagues and the support team are all “us”.

Accessible health at our heart

Every step counts in a race

We will become a high performance culture, move with agility, reward courage and invest from the outset (both in our people and our business).

Accessible health at our heart

It is personal

When we take things personally we take true ownership and act like founders.

Accessible health at our heart

R. E. S. P. E. C. T.

It doesn’t cost anything to be kind, presume trust and show respect. If there is a moment when you don’t, call it and we will be closer for it.