Wisdom Teeth Removal

We know, Oral Surgery sounds pretty invasive, but sometimes you need this type of treatment, especially when it comes to Wisdom Teeth removal.

Why do Wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Wisdom teeth are usually removed simply because there is not enough room in the back of the mouth for them to come through. Additionally, they can be hard to clean – which can lead to infection issues – and they can become impacted, causing other teeth to move.

What does the treatment involve?

It all depends on your condition. If it’s a simple removal your dentist may be able to remove your wisdom teeth in-practice using an anaesthetic. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, you may be referred to a specialist.

To remove the wisdom teeth, the following steps are followed:

  1. The area at the back of the mouth is numbed so you can’t feel a thing.
  2. An incision in the gum is then made before the teeth can be removed.
  3. Once removed, the gum will be sealed with dissolvable sutures.
  4. It’s common practise that pain relief and antibiotics are then offered to ease pain and prevent infection.

For more information on the removal of wisdom teeth please contact your local centre directly.

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