Our commitment to
quality care

Quality Innovation Performance, or QIP, is one of Australia’s premier healthcare accreditation organisations. Their independent accreditation means that we at Primary Dental meet the requirements of a certain set of standards, proving that we’re committed to safety and quality.

The Primary Dental team is committed to a culture of quality and continuous improvement as well as making sure all centres are safe and well organised workplaces for staff, the independent dentists, and customers.

As of 2016 every centre in the Primary Dental network was formally acknowledged for its consistently high standards by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP), Australia’s premier healthcare accreditation organisations for dental practices.

Achieving QIP’s independent accreditation means that we are continuing to meet a certain set of standards. It also demonstrates that we have systems, policies and procedures in place to ensure consistency in our standards of providing access to quality care in operating a dental centre.

In fact, Primary Dental goes well beyond the requirements of our accreditation standards to stay at the forefront of customer care and team development.

There are a number of ways Primary Dental goes above and beyond to ensure safety and quality such as:

  • Bi-annual audits conducted on every Primary Dental centre.
  • Careful and considered selection of the dentists practicing from Primary’s centres to ensure they’re a good fit for their patients.
  • All dentists practicing from our facilities are Australian qualified and registered with our industries governing body. All dentists who join the Primary Dental network are required to have a current Working With Children Check.
  • We have a range of professional education, coaching and development available for all teams.
  • We love to recognise and support all our administrative staff so they feel motivated and empowered to provide excellence in service.
  • We keep up to date with industry trends and are continuously seeking innovative ways to improve.
  • We maintain strong relationships with other key bodies and influencers within the industry.
  • We have a clear vision of our future as an operator of dental centres and are committed to achieving our strategic goals and demonstrating our aligned values.