Check-up & Clean

Primary Dental is passionate about good dental health for both adults and children. It’s about keeping smiles healthy - whatever the age. By looking after your teeth today, you’re giving yourself the best chance of keeping your teeth for life. That’s why routine check-ups are so important. They can help to prevent any significant, costly dental work in the future.


A routine six or 12-monthly check-up and clean will generally include:

  • A comprehensive dental examination
  • Gum health check
  • X-rays to detect early decay
  • A professional clean
  • A polish to remove plaque and stains
  • A fluoride treatment to keep enamel strong

 Teeth Cleaning

A professional scale and clean removes plaque and tartar that you simply can’t remove when brushing and flossing at home.

This is typically done at the same appointment as your regular check-up, but a separate appointment may be required if there’s more than the expected amount of build-up to remove or if your gum health is compromised.

Following your scale and clean your dentist may recommend a concentrated fluoride application. This treatment hardens the enamel of the teeth helping to prevent decay, tooth wear and erosion caused by acidic foods and drinks.

Most dentists recommend having a check-up and clean every 6 months. Your dentist will advise you if you need to attend more or less frequently based on your oral health, dental hygiene and general health.

We recommend booking your next check-up in advance at each visit, so you can secure a time and day that suits your schedule.