Teeth Straightening

A shining straight smile goes beyond the cosmetic benefits, you’ll also have a better functioning, healthier mouth, too! Your teeth will be easier to use and to take care of, keeping your smile in tip-top condition.

Primary Dental’s expert dentists offer a range of accessible teeth straightening options, whether you’re in need of traditional braces or some accommodating clear aligners. People of all ages enjoy excellent results with Primary.

What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a transparent aligner that straightens teeth without the use of metal! They are fantastic because you can remove them when you want to tuck into your food or give your teeth a good clean. No more food trapped in wires or brackets! ClearCorrect aligners are manufactured in the US and customised to apply the appropriate pressure to your teeth. Regular trips to the dentist will ensure that your aligners are working accordingly and effectively throughout each straightening stage. For the best and fastest results, you should be wearing your ClearCorrect aligners for 22 hours a day minimum.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an incredibly advanced technology that helps you to achieve a straighter smile with a series of near-invisible aligners. These are worn over each one of your teeth and they’re made of a smooth, comfortable and durable medical-grade plastic. These can help you to correct overcrowding or gaps in your teeth.

Invisalign is an ideal treatment if you are experiencing…

    • Overcrowding
    • Irregularly spaced teeth
    • Crossbite
    • Overbite
    • Underbite

If you’ve always been searching for a healthier, straighter smile, our Invisalign services at your nearest Primary Dental centre are your answer. We can assess your eligibility for Invisalign.


Some types of braces are called banding. This form of teeth straightening can be the best choice when you want to alter your bite and overall alignment. Braces, or banding, are cost-effective and can service a range of different dental issues.