About Dr Yao Sheng Ng (Albert)

Dr. Albert graduated with a Bachelor of Dentist from the University of Queensland. Dr. Ng strives to give each of his patients a pleasant dental experience, believing that a visit to the dentist should not be something to dread. He also believes in working with you to create a treatment plan based on your needs and requirements.

Languages Spoken

English & Mandarin

What Dr Albert loves about dentistry?

Outside of private practice Dr. Albert is heavily involved in dental volunteering work, bringing dental health to vulnerable members of our community. Outside of work Dr. Albert enjoys riding road bikes, playing the piano and spending time with his cat.

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Dr Yao Sheng Ng (Albert)

204 Main Street Beenleigh QLD 4207
(07) 3412 7730

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  • Accessibility at our heart
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