About Dr Sree Rahul

Dr. Sree Rahul is a dedicated dentist who has developed a profound interest in dentistry due to her early experiences with dental treatment. Her passion for healthcare and personalized patient care has been the driving force behind her career. Driven by a combination of scientific knowledge, artistry, and strong interpersonal skills, she consistently delivers exceptional results to her patients.

Education & Professional Development: Dr. Sree Rahul completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Mahatma Gandhi University in India in 2015. She further pursued her professional development by obtaining accreditation from the Australian Dental Council, becoming a registered dentist in Australia. Recognizing the importance of staying updated with current dental standards, she actively participates in professional development seminars and remains an active member of the Australian Dental Association. Dr. Sree Rahul’s commitment to continued education ensures that she provides the highest standard of care to her patients.

Outside of the Practice: When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Sree Rahul enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She finds relaxation and fulfillment in various activities such as gardening, painting, hiking. These hobbies allow her to unwind, nurture her creativity, and explore new experiences. By engaging in these diverse interests, Dr. Sree Rahul maintains a balanced and enriching life outside of her professional career.

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Dr Sree Rahul

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