About Dr Shruthi Gangadhar

Dr Shruthi is a general dentist who is deeply committed to helping patients achieve their desired smiles. Graduating with a Bachelor of Dentistry and a Diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, she gained experience in the public and private sectors in India before relocating to Melbourne.

Providing a full variety of dental services, Dr Shruthi focuses on preventative care, restorative treatments, paediatric dentistry, and oral surgery. Staying current with the latest dental techniques, procedures, and technologies is a priority through ongoing professional development.

Fluent in English, Hindi, and Kannada, Dr Shruthi ensures effective communication with her diverse patient base. Outside of dentistry, she nurtures a passion for painting in the Mysore and Tanjore styles, reflecting her dedication to both art and oral health care.

Special areas of interest:

-Oral surgery (complex wisdom teeth extractions)

-Restorative dentistry (crowns and bridges)

-Paediatric dentistry (kids dentistry)

-Preventative care

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi and Kannada

What Dr Shruthi loves about dentistry?

Dr Shruthi finds dentistry fulfilling because it allows her to help patients achieve their desired smiles and maintain optimal oral health. The dynamic nature of the field, coupled with the ability to constantly learn and implement advanced techniques, keeps her passion alive. Interacting with diverse patients and making a positive impact on their lives through personalised dental care is particularly rewarding for her.

" Dentistry allows me to create smiles and positively impact lives through personalised care, which is incredibly rewarding. "
Dr Shruthi Gangadhar

Primary Dental Centre Ballarat
14 Albert Street Ballarat VIC 3350
(03) 5309 1130

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