About Dr Sara Hasiri

Dr Sara Hasiri completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2010, and she is a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA).
She has worked for over eight years in both the public and private sectors as a dental officer in the emergency department of a hospital’s oral health programme, which has helped her deal with a variety of complicated cases.
She cherishes all areas of general dentistry with a preventative and minimally invasive approach to help patients achieve and maintain their oral health. She is highly skilled in the following tasks:
Patient education, dental treatment for kids, root canal treatment, fillings, crowns, bridges, and extractions
She has an ethical and gentle approach that ensures comfortable appointments along with detailed explanations to help patients make informed decisions.
She listens carefully to patients’ concerns, and offering all the possible options to address the issues is of the utmost importance to her.

Outside of dentistry, she enjoys listening to different podcasts, traveling, cycling, painting, fashion, styling, and spending time with friends, just to name a few. She is fluent in Farsi.

Languages Spoken

English, Farsi

What Dr Sara Hasiri loves about dentistry?

She loves to make people happy with a BEAUTIFUL smile and RELIEF of pain.

" Take care of your overall health :) "
Dr Sara Hasiri

Mt Druitt Medical & Dental Centre
22 Jirrang Close Mount Druitt NSW 2770
(02) 9881 5230

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