About Dr Rogerio Miranda

Dr Rogerio Miranda is a registered dentist in Australia who graduated in 1990 from the University of Espirito Santo, Brazil. Dr Rogerio was born and raised in Brazil. He worked as a Dental Practitioner in Brazil for many years before relocating to Australia in 2009, where he underwent the Australian Dental Council process to practice as a dentist.

Dr Rogerio has an extensive knowledge of general dentistry and enjoys getting to know all family members he treats, from children to adults, providing all aspects of general dental care, but specifically enjoys in cosmetic, preventative, and paediatric (children’s) dentistry.

He treats his patients with optimum respect and care whilst ensuring their experiences are high-quality treatments with minimal discomfort.
Dr Rogerio aims to develop a friendly relationship with each patient based on communication, either in English or Portuguese, and by involving each patient in their treatment planning and decision-making.

When he is not practicing dentistry, Dr Rogerio loves spending time with his family, immersing himself in a good book, sports activities, walking and yoga.

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Dr Rogerio Miranda

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