About Dr Richa Jain

Dr. Richa Jain, skilled and compassionate dentist with a deep-rooted commitment to providing top-notch dental care. Graduated in 2010, she embarked on a fulfilling journey into the world of dentistry, committed to providing exceptional dental care to enhance the oral health and smiles of individuals. Her practice philosophy revolves around a patient-centered approach, where she prioritises open communication and patient education to ensure that each individual feels empowered and well-informed about their oral health choices.

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi

What Dr Richa loves about dentistry?

Dr. Richa cherishes transforming smiles, improving oral health, and forging personal connections with patients. She thrives on continuous learning, solving oral health puzzles, and positively impacting lives. The diverse range of procedures, collaborative teamwork, and the ability to educate and empower patients also bring immense joy. The artistry, lifelong growth, and community contribution make dentistry a deeply fulfilling and rewarding profession.

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Dr Richa Jain

Bankstown Medical & Dental Centre
67 Rickard Road Bankstown NSW 2200
(02) 9793 8477

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