About Dr (Nyan) Jeffrey Aung

Dr. Jeffrey graduated from the University of Dental Medicine, Mandalay, Myanmar in 2006, and obtained his Diploma of Dental Technology, from the Sydney Institute, Randwick TAFE in 2011.


Dr. Jeffrey worked as a dental officer and township health officer in rural areas of Myanmar for 3 years. Then Migrated to Australia as a student to study dental technology in Sydney, then worked as a dental technician and a dental assistant while studying for the Australian Dental Council examination.

Languages Spoken

English & Burmese

What Dr (Nayan) Jeffery loves about dentistry?

Dr. Jeffrey is interested in preventive and minimal invasive dentistry, and loves to apply knowledge and experience made from working as a dental technician and dental nurse when I

Outside of work, Dr. Jeffrey enjoys spending time with his family, especially his nephew, and loves travelling, reading, cooking and watching movies.

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Dr (Nyan) Jeffrey Aung

Bankstown Medical & Dental Centre
67 Rickard Road Bankstown NSW 2200
(02) 9793 8477

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