About Dr Michelle Lum

‘Soft and gentle’ is how the mother of Dr Michelle Lum describes her.

Not a typical way to describe a dentist but then again, Dr Lum is anything but a typical dentist.

For her, dentistry brings together her love of science and professional knowledge, her strong technical skills as well as her passion to help people with their health.

“Dentistry combines science and health. There is a complex combination of biology, chemistry and physics with good healthcare,” Dr Lum confidently explains.

But professional knowledge and strong technical skills are not enough for Dr Lum. She also practices good communication skills.

“I am patient with my patients. I take the time to build rapport and listen very carefully to what they want. I try to make them as comfortable as possible.”

A new dimension for dentists is the Internet, with people googling dental issues before they turn up at the Dental Centre. So how does she approach this?

“Google research can be good. Patients often come in with printed information and many questions. It is good to discuss any concerns a patient may have. But not everything on the Internet is true!”

So what is a great day for Dr Lum?

“A great day is when my patients are happy with their treatment. They are happy my skills and knowledge helped them. That is very satisfying for me personally.”

Dr Lum’s mother is half-right: ‘soft and gentle’ plus much more!

Languages Spoken

English,  Mandarin,  Cantonese

What Dr Michelle loves about dentistry?

I find it very rewarding to be able to help my patients in better understanding their oral health and working towards their dental goals together!

" It is never too late to start! The moment you have the thought of starting, you are already one step closer to a better oral health! "
Dr Michelle Lum

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