About Dr Matthew Huynh

Finishing his studies at the University of Sydney, Dr Matt moved to Queensland in 2017 and then began practising at Primary Dental Springfield in 2018. Having volunteered in Cambodia and Vietnam, Dr Matt has some worldly dental experience. Overall, he says that he loves dentistry and how he can improve his patients outcomes, but it especially pulls at his heart strings when he sees kids smile. Dr Matt says that he loves practising in Springfield as it’s a nice relaxing environment, where he can focus on his patients. Outside of work, you will find Dr Matt going for long winding drives with his family or playing video games to unwind (and keep himself young).

Languages Spoken

English, Vietnamese

What Dr Matthew loves about dentistry?

I love being able to change people’s perception of their dental and oral health. It’s very rewarding to be entrusted with improving patient’s smiles and self-image.

" Please use an electric brush, or a brush with a small head to improve dexterity and accessibility in the back teeth... Oh and please floss! "
Dr Matthew Huynh

40 Topaz Road Springfield QLD 4300
(07) 3413 7730

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