About Dr Kani Lakshminarayanan

Dr. Kani Lakshminarayanan graduated from dentistry in 2013. She moved to Australia in 2017 and cleared ADC.She has travelled extensively throughout New South Wales and has worked in multiple dental corporations as well as private practices.

Her interests in dentistry include restoring teeth to their optimum health, function, and aesthetics using direct and indirect techniques. She firmly believes that oral health is an extremely important aspect of overall health, contributing immensely to general well being.

Dr. Kani endeavors to make her patients comfortable and to instill positive energy and attitude towards dentistry and dental appointments. She believes that a healthy smile enhances one’s personality and confidence.

Maintaining a harmonious work-life balance is very important to Dr. Kani. She enjoys traveling and exploring places with friends, Spending time with family and a bit of gardening.

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Dr Kani Lakshminarayanan

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(02) 9881 5230

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