About Dr. Kajal Anand

Dr Kajal Anand, a dentist who graduated with ADC in 2019, is a dedicated member of the Australian Dental Association. Actively engaged in professional development courses, she stays updated with the latest advancements in digital dentistry technology to offer her patients the highest quality care.

With a deep passion for dentistry, Dr Kajal strives to provide exceptional treatment. While she enjoys various aspects of general dentistry, her interests lie particularly in cosmetic dentistry, surgical extractions (including wisdom teeth), and providing a calm and comforting environment for anxious patients.

Outside of her profession, Dr Kajal indulges in her love for reading and cooking. However, it is the moments she cherishes with her family that she enjoys the most, along with exploring new destinations through travel.

Special areas of interest: 

-Cosmetic Dentistry

-Surgical extractions including wisdom teeth

-Calming and treating anxious patients.

Languages Spoken


What Dr Kajal loves about dentistry? 

Dr Kajal Anand finds immense joy in dentistry as it allows her to give individuals their smile back and enhance their enjoyment of food. By utilising the latest digital dentistry technology, she can provide the best quality care to her patients, ensuring their satisfaction. Dr Kajal’s particular interests in cosmetic dentistry, surgical extractions, and calming anxious patients allow her to make a positive impact on their lives. Additionally, dentistry enables her to combine her passion for reading and cooking with her profession, creating a well-rounded and fulfilling career.

" Through dentistry, I have the incredible opportunity to transform smiles, restore confidence, and improve the overall well-being of my patients. It is a privilege to be able to combine my passion for helping others with the artistry and science of dentistry. "
Dr. Kajal Anand

Campbelltown Medical & Dental Centre
296 Queen St Campbelltown NSW 2560
(02) 4637 2330

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