About Dr Jung Yeh

Dr Jung graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. She enjoys all aspects of dentistry and finds a special interest and training in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. She loves interacting with patients and prioritises ensuring patient satisfaction through a gentle and attentive approach. Her easy-going and understanding nature helps put her patients at ease during their visits. Being Inspired to always provide high quality dental care, Jung is constantly attending courses to broaden her skills and stay updated to the latest dental advancements. Her Taiwanese background allows her to be fluent in speaking both Chinese and English.

Languages Spoken

English, Chinese

What Dr Jung loves about dentistry?

Connection with people and the development of ongoing relationship with the patients and their families

" Craftsmanship and skill involved in dental work "
Dr Jung Yeh

Elizabeth Medical & Dental Centre
30 Philip Highway Elizabeth SA 5112
08 8256 8030

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