About Dr Jonathan Beh

Dr Jon’s journey from Malaysia to Australia in Year 7 set the stage for his dedication to patient comfort and exceptional care. During his training at The University of Queensland, a family member endured a dental visit so distressing that they left the clinic in tears. This deeply affected Dr Jon, who promptly made an unwavering commitment to create an environment where every individual would feel genuinely cared for, at ease, and understood.

Graduating with Honours in 2015, Dr Jon chose to embark rurally to build invaluable experience, before returning to his community to remain close to friends and family. Now with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dr Jon treats every patient with compassion and care. With his gentle approach, even the most anxious patients can relax, often finding themselves peacefully dozing in the chair.

Beyond the dental practice, Dr Jon’s passion for animals, especially his deep affection for dogs, creates a heartfelt connection that patients find endearing, making him not only a skilled dentist but also a cherished companion for those who share his love for furry friends. In his free time, you’ll often find him spending quality moments with loved ones, family, and friends and engaging in social sports like badminton.

Special areas of interest:
-Treating anxious patients
-Restorative dentistry (fillings)
-Preventive dentistry

Languages Spoken


What Dr Jonathan loves about dentistry?

Dr Jon derives profound joy from the heartfelt gratitude of his patients, who express appreciation for feeling heard, at ease, and genuinely cared for. These expressions of thanks touch Dr Jon deeply, serving as poignant reminders of his commitment to providing compassionate and gentle care.

" Laughter’s the best medicine - besides regular dental visits of course. "
Dr Jonathan Beh

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(07) 5638 2130

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