About Dr Hao Pham

With a diverse background in both public and private sectors, Dr Hao Pham brings a wealth of experience to the field of dentistry. His expertise lies in the effective management of various dental conditions, including toothaches, traumatised teeth, gum disease, and gum recession. Dr Pham is dedicated to providing exceptional care and ensuring the well-being of his patients, making him a trusted and sought-after professional in his field.

Special areas of interest:

-Periodontal treatment (gum disease and treatment)


Languages Spoken

English, Vietnamese

What Dr Hao loves about dentistry?

Dr Hao Pham’s passion for dentistry stems from the gratification of alleviating people’s pain and enhancing their appearance. The ability to provide relief and improve individuals’ well-being through transformative dental procedures inspires him. Dr Pham finds immense fulfillment in helping patients achieve a pain-free and confident smile, making a lasting difference in their lives.

" Your mouth is a getaway to your confidence and general health. Keep it safe by attending your regular check-up and general health and your mouth will not be affected. "
Dr Hao Pham

Browns Plains Medical & Dental Centre
2-10 Grand Plaza Drive Browns Plains QLD 4118
(07) 3380 0130

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