About Dr Gabriela Ciubuc-Batcu

Dr. Gabi has been practising dentistry for over 20 years in 4 countries, with expertise in all aspects of dental care — cosmetics, prosthetics, implants, surgery, as well as diagnosing systemic illnesses by their oral presentations. She strongly believes in creating natural smiles and preserving healthy tooth structure, and empathetically encourages results based on patients’ expectations.

Languages Spoken

English, French, Italian & Romanian

What Dr Gabi loves about dentistry?

Aware that a dental visit is rarely a pleasure, Dr. Gabi is committed to ensuring a positive and worthwhile experience; advising patients of all their options and guiding them on the treatments that will satisfy their expectations. Outside of work, she enjoys beach walks, reading, travelling, and spending time with her family.

" It’s very important that you visit the Dentist regularly. Often by the time something hurts, It can be too late "
Dr Gabriela Ciubuc-Batcu

178 Nerang Street Southport QLD 4215
(07) 5680 0030

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