Suffering from chipped, crooked, stained or discoloured teeth? Dental veneers can help you improve the appearance of your smile. 

There are two main types of veneers: porcelain or ceramic veneers and direct composite veneers.

What are Porcelain or Ceramic Veneers?

Porcelain or ceramic veneers are thin, tooth-coloured shells that can be attached to the front and biting surface of an existing front tooth. Veneers help to cover any unsightly defects or to make the teeth look more aligned.

Porcelain or ceramic veneers are custom made by a dental technician and then cemented to the prepared teeth.

Your dentist will decide whether porcelain or ceramic is the best material to use for your unique needs. Both materials are strong, long lasting and natural looking.

A consideration with these types of veneers is that the natural tooth enamel has to be reduced to allow the veneers to fit on the tooth without looking bulky. Although not immediately damaging, it is generally recommended to avoid the loss of natural tooth structure wherever possible. Before deciding on veneers we suggest you consider alternative options which could achieve the same aesthetic result and be more beneficial for your long term dental health. Your dentist can talk to you about the best options for your particular requirements.

What are Composite Veneers?

Composite veneers are a less expensive option but typically not as long lasting as porcelain or ceramic veneers.

The composite material used is similar to that used in dental fillings and can be matched to the shade of your natural teeth.

Composite veneers can be built up directly on the tooth surface without being sent to a dental technician to be fabricated. This means you may not need as many appointments as with porcelain or ceramic veneers.

If cost is a barrier to choosing the best long term solution, we offer flexible payment options to work within your budget, so you can get the best treatment now and pay later. Eligibility criteria applies. For more information visit our Payment Options page.