Tooth Extraction

Of course, we’d all like to hang onto our natural teeth for as long as possible, however, it’s not always the best option. Sometimes teeth are severely damaged, broken or worn down that tooth extraction is the right choice.

When is an extraction considered?

  • Tooth decay or damage 

A damaged or a decaying tooth needs to be extracted if it is at the point where reconstructive care such as dental crowns or fillings is no longer an option.

  • Wisdom tooth 

Impacted wisdom teeth are incredibly uncomfortable and painful. They can become impacted if there isn’t enough space in your jaw to accommodate new teeth, when this happens it is important that they are removed.

  • Overcrowding

An overcrowded mouth occurs when your teeth are too big, or if extra teeth are coming through unexpectedly. A dentist will perform a tooth extraction to help the rest of your teeth.

  • Infected teeth

A tooth infection can occur due to a number of reasons. If the tooth is incredibly painful and deeply infected, an extraction might be the best choice. Advances in root canal treatment mean that it’s not always necessary to extract an infected tooth. If cost is a barrier for you, we offer flexible payment options and plans to work within your budget. Eligibility criteria apply.

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