A mouthguard protects your teeth and mouth from injury. This is most commonly needed for those who play contact sports, where the risk of injury is high.

Custom-fit, professional mouthguards are the only way to properly protect your smile. Custom mouthguards can be made in multiple layers with various levels of thickness, to cater to all potential levels of impact or trauma.
A custom mouthguard can be made in just a few days, with an offering of different colours and patterns making it all the more personal to you! This is a great opportunity to get your team colours involved.

What is a nightguard and splint?

A nightguard is a rigid plastic splint that is worn at night, preventing the upper and lower-level layers of teeth from coming into contact. The most common purpose for wearing a nightguard is to prevent jaw clenching or night-time grinding. Extensive grinding can cause the stunting of teeth and higher levels of sensitivity, making your smile more fracture prone.

Your nightguard will be fit just as a custom mouthguard would me, made to suit your bite to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible whilst you sleep. With continued wear, your face muscles will become accustomed to relaxing, and you might even experience better quality sleep.

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